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Consultancy, Workshops and Training 

School Wellbeing Consultancy


  • Whole school planning and consulting.

  • Bespoke Workshops/Professional Develoment.

Workshops for Educators and School Staff

  1. What about me?  - Evidence backed practical wellbeing skills for the workplace! (2-6 hours)

  2. Promoting Resilient Adults PAR (An evidence-based workplace wellbeing program. adapted for educators) (6 hours/ One day)

  3. Communication and Counselling Skills for Teachers.

  4. Managing Challenging Conversations – A skills workshop (2-4 hours)

  5. Empowering Students to Develop Self-Regulation Skills in the Classroom.

  6. Supporting Student mental health in the classroom.

  7. The Resourceful Adolescent Program (RAP) – Facilitator training for teachers to run this university developed / evidence-based resilience program in the classroom for Upper primary / Lower secondary.

  8. Mental Health First Aid for Youth – First Aid Strategies for Adults Supporting Young People.

  9. Promoting student resilience and coping in the classroom.

  10. Supporting students experiencing grief, loss and trauma.

  11. Trauma Informed Classroom Practice.

  12. Supporting anxious emotions in the classroom and school setting.

  13. Toolkit for Wellbeing Leaders.

Parent Workshops

  • Raising Resilient Children and Adolescents – Parenting Skills to Enhance Wellbeing (K-10)

  • Parent Confidence Program.

  • Engaging Adolescents - Managing Challenging Behaviour.

Student Workshops

Lorraine offers a range of workshops for students in both elementary and secondary school.


Please contact Lorraine to find out more.

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